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Peter Laeviv is a Hungarian-Korean multidisciplinary artist and engineer from Szeged, Hungary. Had been growing up in Israel, he found himself under a strong influence of different cultures. Soon enough, he was developing an extensive sensitivity towards art.

He gained an Industrial Design Engineer degree at the Technical University of Budapest. In 2014, during his studies, he was introduced to the art of tattooing by his friend, later his mentor. While finishing his tattoo apprenticeship, he started working as an industrial designer for an eyewear company, where later he became the art director.

In 2017 he moved to the Netherlands to seek further education within industrial design, only to realize his true passion towards self-expression in the form of tattooing. Dropping out meant true dedication towards the craftsmanship only to hope, that those two paths will intersect one day. He currently works in London.

His tattooing style is a merge of meticulous geometric and organic symbols that formulate surrealistic visions often inspired by self-reflections. This form language and memetic storytelling is aimed to stimulate diverse interpretations.