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"I believe the artistry of tattooing extends beyond simply creating beautiful designs on skin"

+ P Æ S T +

With his background as artist and engineer, Peter Laeviv brings a distinctive perspective to his work. He began drawing at a young age, and his passion for art has grown over the years. Additionally, Peter's engineering degree in industrial design has given him a strong foundation in problem solving and attention to detail. Later he worked at a high level as an art director designing wearables, which required a strong understanding of design principles. The ability to balance form and function while maintaining aesthetics is what sets Peter's work apart from other artists in the industry. Tattooing requires a deep understanding of the human body and flow, as well as the ability to translate concepts and ideas into visually striking and emotionally resonant tattoos.


+ P R E S E N T +

Peter tells life stories through the collaborative process of tattooing. He is constantly exploring the interconnectedness of philosophy, psychology, and the human condition, bringing this understanding and empathy into each tattoo he creates. The result is, of course, the artwork itself, but the experience is also something that his clients will carry with them for the rest of their lives.


+ F U T U R E +

Peter is committed to pushing boundaries and promoting the elevation of tattoos into the world of fine art. He believes that by bringing more intimate and personal experiences to tattooing, it is possible to redefine the art form and demonstrate its value within the larger art community.

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