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We are looking for a participant tattoo client for a 3-day photo and video shooting within a collaborative project between Excuse Magazine and Peter Laeviv.


Terms & Conditions:

You must

  • be over 18 years old

  • be flexible on shooting days in London (possibly weekdays)

  • be ok with being filmed

  • be ok with the tattoo and yourself shown in the produced video

  • have a visible Instagram profile

  • have completed all steps explained below our Instagram post


In exchange, the fee of your tattoo by Peter Laeviv will completely be on us.


We will choose the candidate based on the submitted 'ideas' below.

Peter will take inspiration from your story to create your design.

No changes will be made to the design or its size.

The placement of the tattoo will be on the lower arm.

(The area must be empty of tattoos).

We can only accept applicants that have submitted this form and completed all steps explained below our Instagram-post.

I accept the Terms & Conditions

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