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"My tattoos are a physical manifestation of the metaphysical connection between artist and client"

+ E M P Æ T H Y +

Peter believes in the importance of empathetic storytelling. Using your thoughts and experiences as the inspiration for the visualisation process requires high level of sensitivity. Each artwork represents a personal story, and the designs are unique to the individual. As such, it is fitting that Peter's permanent creations will in fact pass and be forgotten, just as all human experience eventually fades into the past.

+ Æ R T I S T R Y +

Tattooing is elevated to the level of fine art when it is purposed to connect the metaphysical with the physical. Each tattoo represents a distinct interpretation that will last only in the space of human existence. Contemplative tattooing necessitates a high level of creativity and dedication to create unique and beautiful designs that speak to the essence of the human experience.



+ Æ N C E S T R Y +

Body adornment has a long history of being associated with spirituality and ancestral rituals. In some cultures tattoos are believed to hold mystical powers, with the markings being seen as a form of protection for their wearer or as a means to good fortune. The practice of tattooing allows us to tell our stories, honour our ancestors, and celebrate the milestones of our lives through the permanence of ink on skin.

+ S P I R I T U Æ L I T Y +

The expression of our spirituality though unique symbolism requires not only technical skill, but also a deep understanding of the human spirit. That is achievable only through a deep connection between artist and client. Peter seeks to create a meaningful enduring way for his clients to express their identity and spirituality and to adorn their skin with symbols and markings that hold profound personal significance.

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