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"Carving life tales into skin"

+ C R Æ T I O N +


Peter Laeviv aims to tell your life story using his visual language on your skin. He works with you to understand your deepest thoughts and emotions, and uses them as the muse for his creative process. He will interpret these elements and embody them on your skin for you to carry them with you while you roam this reality. While aligning his own vision with your project, Peter will also respect your wishes and avoid your dislikes as much as possible. The success of such a collaborative process depends on a good connection and strong trust from both sides. If you have a very rigid and clear idea regarding the results you are after, then Peter might not be the best fitting artist for your project. Flexibility and open-mindedness also play a key role in a positive tattooing journey with him.


The style of Peter Laeviv can be described as a symbiotic merge of meticulous geometric and organic symbolisms that formulate surrealistic visions often inspired by self-reflections. This particular form-language and memetic storytelling is aimed at stimulating diverse interpretations. The approach to enunciating these metaphysical creations is unique and the ritualistic process is an integral part of the experience.


Both the creation and tattooing process involves a deep level of personalisation and emotional connection to the tattoo. As these creations are one-of-a-kind artworks, they carry much more sentimental value for their wearers. The final tattoo will always be unique to you and will never be used again, as there are no two life stories alike.

+ R I T U Æ L +


A few days before your tattooing session, you will get the chance to have a conversation with Peter. During the consultation he will be able to gauge your personality and get a deeper understanding of what you wish to convey through your tattoo. Peter will spend 2-3 days creating a full day of tattooing worth of a design that tells your story. For larger projects such as sleeves, the creative process will take longer. On the day of your appointment, Peter will present the final direction of your design to you. His process is intuitive and often may involve making changes to the design with your consent as he is tattooing. You will never be pressured to get anything tattooed unless you are completely satisfied with it.


A deposit will be required to reserve a date for a tattooing ritual. The size of the deposit may vary based on the length of the project. This deposit will be applied to the final cost of the tattoo, but it is non-refundable.

+ C O N T Æ C T +


If you feel ready to make a booking and you are comfortable with the information provided above, please contact us via the email below to express your interest briefly. We will send you information about the reservation process, current fees, and any additional details that Peter requires from you to begin your collaborative journey.

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